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What is a photobook ?
This is a real book, created with your own photos. Add your own text to describe a monument, a beautiful landscape, or a special moment of your life. We do print your composition on high quality archival paper and bind your book for you with a very nice cover of your choice. Your photos deserve the best printing technology and creating a photobook represents a real alternative to the standard photo printing.

How can I do that?
There are 4 easy steps:
1- Download and install BookDesigner, our free photobook creation software.
2- Arrange pictures, edit text and create stunning layouts within a few clicks with our wide range of pre-defined layouts.
3- Click on the Order button after having reviewed your project, place the order and proceed with our secured payment page.
4- We manufacture your photobook using the highest quality standards and ship it by mail.

What is the difference between the Small Book and the Classic ?
Only size and prices are different. The photobook projects you have created with BookDesigner are compatible with all formats, meaning you can decide to change the format and the finish of the photobook any time before placing the order. And they are printed using same paper quality and bound with a hard cover.

Can I order a photobook without a die-cut window ?
This is indeed possible for the Small book and the Classic book formats. Just check the corresponding option while placing your order. The Leather cover book is only sold with a die-cut window: the image of the first page is duplicated and cased in the window.

What print quality can I expect?
You will get the same quality as a professional book sold in book stores. The only difference is that you will get your very own book! PhotoInPress is using HP Indigo technology to print books. This is one of the most advanced digital presses in the world. Nevertheless, printing results is slightly different from standard prints like 4x6 prints.

Can I print from home ?
Yes, you can print your pages selecting the "Send by email (PDF)" option available on the "file" menu. A PDF file will be created and you will be able to select the pages you wish to print. This is ideal solution if you want to have a clear preview of your project.

Can I use accented characters in my texts?
Our software does support all accented characters used in many languages.


Which payment methods are accepted ?
We do accept online payments using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or payments using a PayPal account. All orders are produced upon reception of payment.

Do you offer discounts for volume orders?
We have a special offer starting from orders of 5 books and more (the same book delivered at the same address). Please go to our website in the Volume orders section to get the discount levels depending on the quantity ordered.

Can I save on shipping fees by grouping my orders?
To order multiple projects at once and save on shipping fees, simply click on “Add a project to this order” under the “Order Book” tab in the software. This way, the shipping charges will be automatically adjusted in your shopping cart and your books will be shipped in the same box.

I have a slow internet connectivity: can I upload my order anyway?
Even if we do recommend having a high speed Internet connection, you should be able to upload your order anyway. Just keep in mind that the transfer might take up to an hour depending of the number of pictures you have. We invite you to contact us should you experience some connection or firewall issues. We will be happy to help you with an alternative order process.

When will I receive photobook ?
PhotoinPress offers you the best turnaround possible and lots of our customers will tell you about this. Indeed, we do the utmost to ship every order within the next 3 to 5 days. For more information, please look at our website and try our estimation tool to have more details about the delivery time.

How can I re-order a photobook ?
All the projects are automatically saved on your computer. It means that you can easily open it and then re-order a copy of it. Just open BookDesigner and select « open a project ». There you can open your existing project and re-order it.

I have placed my order and want to do some changes.
The best way is to cancel your existing order and place a new one with your changes. There is a link in your order confirmation email that allows you to cancel the order. You will also get a refund within the next hour. Please note that you have a limited time to cancel an order. If book is already being printed, we will not be able to cancel your order.

What is your refund policy?
There is a 100% warranty on all our photobooks against production problems or defects. Should you have any issue with your product, you have 30 days to contact us starting from the delivery date. Please provide us with as much details as possible so we can figure out how severe the issue is. Please note that we are not responsible for misspells, red eyes or blurry files uploaded. We might require a product return and will possibly refund the original shipping fees.


Which kind of pictures can I use?
BookDesigner is compatible with pictures taken from digital cameras or scanned pictures in JPEG format, using sRGB colour management. We strongly recommend using original files. The software will then be able to optimise the size of the pictures before they are printed.

What is the maximum page number?
Books can have a maximum of 120 pages. One sheet of paper contains 2 pages.

My photos seem to be blurry on screen, will it be the case once printed?
BookDesigner is using low resolutions of your pictures to speed-up display and save the resources of your computer. This is why you might notice some pixels appearing on your pictures on screen. Please note that the original pictures are then used for printing.

Can I use another software to create my page layouts (InDesign, Photoshop)?

You can start your own layout using third party software. Please use the following dimensions: 3300x2550 pixels. Save and export each layout in JPEG format and add those images in the BookDesigner photo tray. Keep in mind that we do cut pages during production and that the borders of the page are trimmed (18 pixels on top and bottom of the page, 70 pixels on the inside of the book and again 18 pixels on the opposite side). Also, keep in mind that because of the binding process we use, a part of the page might be hidden (inside of book). You can look at a preview of this lost zone in the software by selecting the option “Display part lost in the binding” in the View menu.


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