PhotoInPress offers you discounts when you reach $500 of purchases.
Do not wait for discounts to order your photobooks and share precious memories.
Get unique advantages being a VIP!

  • Get permanent discounts on your orders (taxes and shipping not included).

  • Share coupon codes with friends
  • Prioritized customer service

  • No registration required, no data or password needed. We only use your email for VIP membership.

  • Easy ! VIP status is applied as soon as you reach the amount required.

Our customers are important for us and we wish to keep this special relationship with you. You trust our products and services and you are part of our best customers, giving us the possibility to print your best memories. We created our VIP offer to bring more service, more value and rewards so your photo book experience is always easy and fun.

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Frequently asked questions

- Can I combine VIP offer with other promotions?

VIP codes cannot be used with another promotion, offer or quantity discount. You have to select which offer is the most interesting for you.

- Can I be a VIP user on my first order?

VIP status can only be applied to the order following the point you reached the required amount.

- I used different emails for my past orders. Can I merge my accounts so to be a VIP?

Yes, we can merge accounts.
To do so, please contact us by email and forward us the email accounts you may used. We will check these accounts and will merge them into one single account of your choice.

- I used all my coupon codes. Can I get some more?

Of course! That would be a pleasure to forward you additional codes. Just contact us at

- I meet VIP requirements but I did not receive VIP status confirmation by email

We need a maximum of 30 days between the moment you reach the threshold and the moment you receive an email confirmation of your VIP status.
You can contact us if you need assistance or require that we check your account :
You can also check that our email is not in your SPAM folder.

- I am a pro photographer and I already have a Pro account with PhotoInPress.

Please note that you cannot combine both offers. But in the cart page, you can change the coupon code you want to use. Feel free to use the coupon that meets your needs.

- I received 2 VIP status confirmations using 2 different email accounts.

This is probably because you meet VIP requirements using 2 different emails. We can merge those accounts upon request ( Just confirm which email address you want to keep. Maybe you can qualify for Platinium status!

- My coupon code is not working - discount is not applied

You need to enter your VIP coupon in the cart page. Check that coupon code is correctly spelt. If you ordered more than 5 books or if a promotion is actually being offered, you can change the coupon code entered and use the one that is the most interesting for you. Contact us if you need assistance.



Last updated January 31, 2012

PhotoInPress is one of the leading photo book specialists in Canada. We are proud to launch our VIP offer, rewarding our best customers and giving them advantages they can use all year long.


- Who is concerned by PhotoInPress VIP program :

VIP program is available for all PhotoInPress customers and does not require any registration.

User's email address is used as account identification.

- Automatic VIP membership

Each PhotoInPress account is automatically set as a VIP provided this account meets VIP status requirements: user total purchases (including taxes and shipping) must meet a threshold of $500. There is no product limitation and in case a promotion is running, only the final amount paid is taken into account.

VIP discounts can only be redeemed after threshold is met. VIP status will be applicable only on the next orders. This offer cannot be combined with another promotion or offer ( promotion, grouped offers, quantity discounts, ...). This offer cannot be applied to previous orders. User can choose which offer is the best and can make his selection on the cart page, changing the coupon code to be applied.

When the minimum amount is met, the user is notified within 30 days that his account is now a VIP account. This email includes all instructions and description of advantages, including promotion codes.


VIP status grants you lots of advantages :

- promotion codes granting you discounts on your next orders (discount levels depend on the VIP status reached : 2 status are available).

- additionnal promotion codes upon request (maximum of 10 additionnal codes per year).

Coupon codes are made for your personal use and can be shared with your friends. Coupons are valid during 1 year, starting their creation date. Additional coupons can be forwarded upon request.

- Dedicated customer service:

- 100% satisfaction policy.


Promotion codes are exclusively created for VIP users and their friends. It is not allowed to share codes on your blog, forum or social networks, as well as resale these codes. In case we detect an improper use, PhotoInPress can cancel VIP status without notice.

More generally, PhotoInPress can terminate this VIP program anytime and without notice.


- GOLD VIP users

As soon as the user's total purchases reach $500, the user account is set as GOLD VIP.

This status gives big advantages starting with a 15% discount on photo book orders (taxes and shipping not included).

Codes are valid during 1 year starting their creation date.


As soon as the user's total purchases reach $1000, the user account is set as PLATINIUM VIP.

This status gives big advantages starting with a 20% discount on photo book orders (taxes and shipping not included).

Codes are valid during 1 year starting their creation date.


PhotoInPress can change these conditions and can terminate this VIP program anytime, without prior notice and without any compensation.

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