Creating a photo book is a teamwork.

You spent time to create your photo book, finding the best picture and the best quotes to preserve your memories or remember wonderful moments.
Now this is our turn to transform digital work into a wonderful printed photo book : manufacturing your photo album does not only include best paper and finest materials. It requires a stunning team dedicated to your memories. Let’s see how your memories come to life.


Printing your memories.

Here in downtown Montreal, we receive your orders and send them to our automated production system.
From your computer to our servers, your order is finally sent to the best digital press of the market : the HP Indigo.

This is state of the art printing technology. It requires a color Master to run it properly, making sure that your memories are rendered with the best quality possible.

When printed, pages are carefully checked and then sent to a trimming machine.

Large sheets of paper are cut to become pages. Then they are grouped together to create what we call book blocks, sorted and ready for finishing. 

Best things are handmade.

As the creation of a photo book requires a complex procedure, no machine can replace the handmade finishing, ensuring top quality binding. Creating a photo album takes time and need human beings that master the technique of book assembly to create professionnaly bound albums.

Printing is just the first step. Your photo album will be cut, stitched, glued, and bound. Also, lots of other small manual operations (that can only be learned by doing it!) will be performed to create a final product that is unique.

At PhotoInPress, all those steps take place during the next 48 hours following your order confirmation.

Durable binding.

Flyleaves are added to the pages.
A durable stitching is applied using our professionnal sewer.

This will guarantee that your book binding will remain strong and durable.

There are other techniques available on the market, such as glued pages. But stitched pages technique is the only one that guarantee that your book will last for years.

Creating your cover

Depending on the cover selected, we either add a suede-like plain cover, or create a die-cut so the picture can be seen through the window of the cover.

For custom photo cover, we wrap the photo cover and do the case binding, such as professionnal books.

All these steps are done manually. From this precision work comes the perfect binding, and professionnal look.

Shipping, with care !

Almost there ! Your photo book is packed, and protected to survive our Canadian climate.

Tracking is ready and notification is sent to Canada Post. In the next few days, you will have your photo book in your hands.

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