photo book binding and paper quality

Which print technology is used for the photobooks?

PhotoInPress is printing using the HP Indigo, one of the most advanced digital press available in the market.

What quality of paper can i expect for my photobook ?

Books are printed on 200 gsm glossy acid-free archival quality paper. Note that even if we print on glossy paper, the result is mat due to the printing process.

What printing quality can I expect?

The same quality as a professional photobook from the bookstore! PhotoInPress uses the HP Indigo, one of the most advanced digital presses available on the market to guarantee you the best possible result. Please note that even if it is of excellent quality, the printing process doesn’t always equal the printing quality on photo paper.

How can I be sure that I will get the best printing quality possible?

Our colour management system is based on a ICC sRGB profile. All the photos used should be in sRGB colour profile and not Adobe RGB or CMYK as they might have a greenish taint once printed. The software only accepts JPEG photos having a minimal resolution of 800x600. We recommend using full resolution images, or pictures scanned at 300 or 600 dpi.

Here is a summary of the minimum settings recommended (digital or scanned photos):

Can you print and bind pages that I designed using another editing Software?

You can create your own customized page design using any editing software. However, your order must be processed using BookDesigner as we do not print from PDF files or other formats. Save each photo montage as a *.jpeg image and add those images to your project photo tray. Then, drag and drop each image on a page and select the full page layout for those images. Note that the page edges are cut off when printing and cutting pages in production (bleed). Make sure that no important information is located nearby the borders of the image. We recommend creating a 3300x2550 image for best results. The bleed cut from this image will reach approximately 18 pixels on top and bottom, and 70 pixels on the left and right sides.

What is the exact page size?

The small book: 7.8"x 6" (19.9x15.2cm)
The Classic and Leather: 8.5"x11" (27.9x21.8cm)

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